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The Lyft app is an on-demand ride-sharing platform that provides you with various transportation options to suit your unique needs. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can easily book a ride to your destination.

The app has an interactive and intuitive interface that allows you to enter your destination, view your route, and see the estimated cost of your ride upfront. Plus, with the Priority Pickup feature, you can get on the road faster and reach your destination quicker.

Lyft offers several ride categories to choose from: WAIt&Save, Priority Pickup, Bikes&Scooters, LyftXL, LyftLux, Transit, and Rentals. WAit&Save allows you to save money by matching you with other riders heading in the same direction as you. Priority Pickup is great for those who are in a rush as it matches you with the nearest available driver.

Other ride categories like Bikes&Scooters, Transit, and Rentals give riders more flexibility and choice when it comes to getting around. With Bikes&Scooters, you can rent a bicycle or scooter to get to your destination, while Transit makes it easier to plan trips using public transport. You can even rent a car through the Lyft app with the Rentals feature.

Overall, the Lyft app is a reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation solution that offers passengers a range of options to fit their specific needs.

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Lyft app

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