DingTalk download standard version  7.1.2

DingTalk download standard version 7.1.2

7.1.2 for Android
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Description of DingTalk download standard version 7.1.2

DingTalk is an efficient enterprise-level collaboration and application development platform that helps millions of enterprises reduce their communication, coordination, and management costs. It provides a convenient and safe communication and collaboration platform for employees, allowing them to work anywhere and anytime, thereby improving their work efficiency, digitizing the business, and boosting team digital productivity. With more than 19 million enterprises and organizations using it, DingTalk is a widely recognized and reliable communication and collaboration tool.

DingTalk features instant messaging with read receipts, allowing you to check if your message was read or not, customized office automation systems, an enterprise address book, and smart office applications like attendance, check-in, approval, report, announcement, leave, and reimbursement. All of these functions help simplify work processes and make work smarter.

In terms of security, DingTalk integrates Alibaba Group's network security attack and defense capabilities of more than 10 years and uses bank-level encryption technology to encrypt and protect enterprise data. At the same time, DingTalk further protects the data with third-party encryption technology, ensuring that corporate data is safe and secure.

DingTalk also has more functions and services that are constantly being updated and improved. It supports multiple platforms such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and synchronizes messages from mobile phones and computers, making it easy to work at any time and any place.

Overall, DingTalk is a comprehensive and reliable communication and collaboration tool that provides businesses with efficient and secure solutions for their internal communication and workflow management needs.

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DingTalk download standard version 7.1.2

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