Securly Pass App Download for Android  1.1.9

Securly Pass App Download for Android 1.1.9

1.1.9 for Android
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Description of Securly Pass App Download for Android 1.1.9

Say goodbye to traditional hall pass systems and hello to SecurlyPass, an electronic hall pass system designed specifically for K-12 schools. With SecurlyPass, administrators and teachers can issue and track hall passes with ease, improving student accountability and ensuring safety on campus.

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App Features:

1、Optimize Instructional Time: Regain control over hall pass usage with Pass, maximizing instructional time and reducing disruptions caused by excessive movement on campus.

2、Streamlined Appointment Scheduling: Pass offers streamlined appointment scheduling for teachers and school staff, saving time and effort.

3、Location and Usage Limitations: Pass allows administrators and teachers to limit hall pass usage by student, location, or hallway, minimizing misuse.

App Highlights:

1、Electronic Hall Pass System: SecurlyPass offers an electronic hall pass system that is designed for K-12 schools and replaces traditional hall pass systems.

2、Increased Student Accountability: The Pass system helps administrators and teachers to track how many hall passes are in use and by whom, improving student accountability and safety on campus.

3、Improved Safety: With Pass, schools can identify where students are by building or room in an emergency situation, maintaining safety and security.


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Securly Pass App Download for Android 1.1.9

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