SuperStar X App Download for Android  1.2.3

SuperStar X App Download for Android 1.2.3

1.2.3 for Android
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Description of SuperStar X App Download for Android 1.2.3

SUPERSTARX is a global fandom social platform for K-POP fans worldwide. Fans can enjoy their favorite artists' videos and participate in Real-Time/Hot Stage Voting to support their SUPERSTARS. SUPERSTARX also offers various events and exciting prizes for fans to participate in and receive rewards.

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App Features:

1、Events and Rewards: Users can participate in various events related to artists and win rewards such as SBS Inkigayo tickets, signed polaroids, and CDs.

2、Real-Time Voting for SBS Inkigayo: Users can participate in the real-time and hot stage voting for SBS Inkigayo through SUPERSTARX, and the results of the voting will impact the weekly No.1 selection on SBS Inkigayo.

3、"Like" and "Share" Feature: Users can leave a heart on the videos they like, and share the content with their friends.

App Highlights:

1、Global Fandom Social Platform: SUPERSTARX is a global platform for K-POP fans from all over the world to participate in voting, enjoy and share the videos of their favourite artists.

2、"My Artist" feature: Users can easily access the videos of their favourite artists without having to search for them separately.

3、Exclusive HD Performance: Users can enjoy the HD performances of their favourite artists on SUPERSTARX before they are available anywhere else.


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SuperStar X App Download for Android 1.2.3

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