Thenics Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Latest Version  v5.2.4

Thenics Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Latest Version v5.2.4

v5.2.4 for Android
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Description of Thenics Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Latest Version v5.2.4

Thenics is a fitness app that AIms to help users achieve impressive calisthenics skills and functional muscles. The app offers a wide range of skills, from basic movements to advanced techniques, and includes popular trends sports and Calisthenics movements. Each skill is divided into progressions, with different workouts to allow users to step by step build up to advanced skills.

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App Features:

1、Wide range of calisthenics skills: Thenics offers a variety of skills, ranging from basic movements like the Pistol Squat and Handstand Push Up, to advanced moves like the One Arm Pull Up and Human Flag.

2、Technique explanation: For each skill, Thenics provides clear descriptions and technique explanations, so you can learn the proper form and avoid injuries.

3、Pro Skills: Thenics also offers advanced Pro Skills like the One Arm Push Up, One Arm Handstand, Shrimp Squat, and Hefesto, which are designed to challenge even the most seasoned athletes.

App Highlights:

1、Progressions: Every skill is divided into several progressions, which include different workouts. This allows you to learn skills step by step, adapted to your current level of fitness. The workouts and progressions lead you to achieving new impressive skills.

2、Functional muscle building: The app places emphasis on building functional muscles that serve a purpose beyond just lifting weights or doing more reps.

3、Suitable for all fitness levels: The app is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes. The progressions allow you to build up to advanced skills gradually, regardless of your starting point.


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Thenics Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Latest Version v5.2.4

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