Matching Story Merge&puzzle mod apk download  0.79.01

Matching Story Merge&puzzle mod apk download 0.79.01

0.79.01 for Android
3.0 | 3+ Installs

Description of Matching Story Merge&puzzle mod apk download 0.79.01

Embark on a captivating fairytale adventure with Matching Story, a delightful match-3 game that transcends traditional Puzzles. Transport yourself to an uncharted island, where barren lands await your magical touch to transform them into a radiant paradise. Uncover the wonders that lie beneath the surface as you solve match-3 puzzles, unlocking a plethora of rewards to adorn your island with dazzling lights.

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Game Features:

1.Craft Miraculous Items: Engage your match-3 skills to craft magical items that bring life to your island. Each puzzle solved unveils rewards, allowing you to create an enchanting haven.

2.Spruce Up Your Island: Use the rewards to design and decorate your garden and island. Explore and upgrade a world filled with charming floras, gorgeous goodies, and adorable critters.

3.Over 1000 Levels: Enjoy a vast array of over 1000 levels with varying difficulties and gameplay styles. The game ensures a continuous challenge, keeping players engaged and entertained.

Game Highlights:

1.Immersive Experience: Dive into an immersive experience with stunning effects, including TNT explosions, diverse game piece styles, and intriguing match-3 level designs.

2.Resource Gathering: Unlike traditional match-3 games, Matching Story goes beyond puzzle-solving. Engage in various match-3 modes to gather resources, unlocking different islands and allowing you to build your dream garden island through collection and merging.

3.Unlock New Story Chapters: Progress through the game not only by solving puzzles but also by unlocking new story chapters. Join the protagonist, Emma, on a journey filled with saving, exploring, puzzle-solving, matching, and merging.

Matching Story - Merge & Puzzle Game is a magical journey that seamlessly combines the thrill of match-3 puzzles with the joy of crafting and building. With its extensive levels, captivating visuals, and innovative gameplay, it provides a rich and immersive experience that goes beyond the typical match-3 genre. Join Emma on her quest, unravel the mysteries of the island, and create a dazzling paradise of your own. Come and enjoy the enchanting world that Matching Story has to offer.


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Matching Story Merge&puzzle mod apk download 0.79.01

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