Cat Escape Mod Apk Download  v22.4

Cat Escape Mod Apk Download v22.4

v22.4 for Android
3.0 | 5+ Installs

Description of Cat Escape Mod Apk Download v22.4

In Cat Escape, players enjoy a thrilling and exciting cat game that challenges them to find their way out of rooms full of guards and traps. With its fun cat simulator gameplay and clever Puzzles, Cat Escape is a must-play for kitty cat game fans of all ages and preferences.

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Game Features:

1、Customizable ginger cat: Players can start with the yellow cat and change its look by selecting from many skins to change the breed, or turn it into a vampire, unicorn, spider, pirate, detective, and more. Players can also mix and match skins with trails and keep their adventure in style.

2、Hundreds of satisfying levels: In this cat simulator puzzle game, players use logic to move through hundreds of challenging and satisfying levels, each set in unique locations like a cat school, museum, or even a vampire mansion.

3、Fun and entertaining mix: Cat Escape offers a perfect blend of adorable and funny, challenging and relaxing gameplay that keeps players entertained and engaged. It is a top-tier feline adventure game among other kitty cat games.

Game Gameplay:

1、Unique and satisfying puzzle game: Cat Escape stands out among all cat games with its unique and entertaining gameplay. Players control a cute and lively cat in its sneaky and Action-packed adventures, avoiding the sly security guards and escaping traps to reach the exit door and collect rewards.

2、A-maze-ing twists: This hit cat simulator game features a labyrinth of security guards armed with detectors, nets, and commands to prevent the cat from escaping. Each level presents Carefully designed puzzles for animal lovers of all ages and preferences, with an increasing level of challenge.

3、Power-ups and hideouts: Unlike other cat games, Cat Escape offers players a variety of power-ups and hideouts to help their sneaky cats evade guards and obstacles. Eat cat food to turn into a bad kitty that can knock down walls, wear a plant cat costume to blend in, use guns to defeat guards, teleport through portals, and more.


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Cat Escape Mod Apk Download v22.4

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