House Secrets The Beginning mod apk latest version  1.5.5

House Secrets The Beginning mod apk latest version 1.5.5

1.5.5 for Android
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Description of House Secrets The Beginning mod apk latest version 1.5.5

Embark on a Mysterious Journey: Join Lucy, an ordinary girl from Los Angeles, as she embarks on a thrilling adventure to a dark and mysterious land in "House Secrets: The Beginning." The curse has transformed a once-prosperous land into a derelict and abandoned place, setting the stage for an intriguing mystery for both kids and adults.

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Game Features:

1.Discovering Heritage and Identity: Lucy soon discovers her unexpected heritage in Eastern Europe, realizing that she is the sole descendant of Arthur Applebaum, a genius inventor with grand visions for the future. This revelation propels Lucy into a journey of self-discovery and exploration as she seeks to understand her identity and unravel the secrets of her ancestor's legacy.

2.Magical Land with Hidden Secrets: Step into the magical land that has a life of its own, with every corner holding a secret waiting to be uncovered. The game takes players through the darkest corners of this enchanting world, where mystery and magic intertwine. Each location is meticulously designed to captivate players and keep them engaged in the quest for hidden objects and solving puzzles.

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Game Highlights:

1.Breathtaking Projects of Mr. Applebaum: Explore the fantastic world of Mr. Applebaum and his visionary projects. The game invites players to delve into the imaginative and breathtaking creations of this genius inventor. From intricate machines to awe-inspiring structures, every element of the game showcases the creativity and brilliance of Mr. Applebaum's mind.

2.Fascinating Stories of House Secrets: Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of House Secrets as you uncover the tales hidden within the game. The storyline weaves together mystery, adventure, and magic, creating a compelling gaming experience. Join Lucy on her mission to rebuild the mysterious land, adding a layer of purpose to the gameplay.


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House Secrets The Beginning mod apk latest version 1.5.5

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