Salon Superstars Mod Apk Download  1.0.166

Salon Superstars Mod Apk Download 1.0.166

1.0.166 for Android
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Description of Salon Superstars Mod Apk Download 1.0.166

Salon Superstars is an exciting fashion game that challenges players to become the ultimate fashion stylist. With a fun and addictive match-3 puzzle gameplay, players can unleash their skills and strategies to eliminate blocks and progress through different levels. The game offers a wide variety of clothing, makeup, and hairstyle options, allowing players to dress up their characters and create unique fashion trends and styles.

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Game Features:

1、Unlockable Fashionable Looks: As players progress through the match-3 adventure, they can unlock even more fashionable looks to add to their character's wardrobe, making each makeover experience even more exciting.

2、Fun and Addictive Gameplay: Salon Superstars offers an engaging and addictive gameplay experience that will keep players entertained and engaged for hours on end.

3、Strategic Thinking and Skill Development: Salon Superstars challenges players to think strategically and develop their skills in order to progress through the game and achieve the highest scores and rankings.

Game Gameplay:

1、Character Customization: As a new fashion stylist, players can dress up their character with a variety of costumes and makeup options, making her look great from head to toe. Enjoy the ultimate makeover experience in this exciting fashion game.

2、Beauty and Fashion Trends: With a wide variety of makeup and hairstyles, as well as different clothing options, players can create their own unique fashion trends and styles in the game.

3、Share Your Designs: Players can share their unique fashion designs and styles with friends from around the world, becoming a global fashion designer and showcasing their creativity and skills to others.


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Salon Superstars Mod Apk Download 1.0.166

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