Idle Rumble Heroes apk for Android download  1.0.4

Idle Rumble Heroes apk for Android download 1.0.4

1.0.4 for Android
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Description of Idle Rumble Heroes apk for Android download 1.0.4

Idle Rumble Heroes is an idle role-playing game that takes on adventures and saves the world from monsters alongside mercenaries who have become more powerful themselves. Different mercenaries have different attributes and special skills. Adjust the combination of mercenaries according to their own situation to improve their combat ability.

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Game highlights:

1. The game adopts a simple automatic combat mode, where players only need to set battle commands and skills to easily deal with a large number of monsters, without the need for 24-hour concentration, and enjoy the game easily.

2. Mercenary System: As players level up, they can hire more mercenaries with different abilities to provide support to them. Each mercenary has its own special skills and attributes, and players can flexibly deploy mercenaries based on their own combat strategies to help them achieve victory.

3. The game provides a variety of tasks and scenes, allowing players to adventure in various exotic landscapes. At the same time, the game also provides a wealth of equipment and props that players can use to improve their abilities and strength.

Game features:

1.The theme of the game is to save the world. Players will face various monsters and enemies on their journey, continuously improving their strength, and ultimately defeating the evil boss to protect world peace.

2.Although the game adopts automatic combat, players still need to adjust their combat strategies according to the situation. For example, selecting suitable mercenaries and equipment based on the enemy's attributes, or selecting appropriate skills to counterattack based on the enemy's attack methods.

3. The game is based on role-playing, where players can freely choose their own character characteristics, skill settings, and mercenaries to create their own hero image and unique combat style.


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Idle Rumble Heroes apk for Android download 1.0.4

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