DoTapQuest Mod Apk Unlimited Money  0.1

DoTapQuest Mod Apk Unlimited Money 0.1

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Description of DoTapQuest Mod Apk Unlimited Money 0.1

Embark on a captivating adventure in DoTapQuest, a charming dot-picture, idle-based adventure RPG! Level up your heroes, summon unique characters, and organize your party to defeat enemies and earn rewards effortlessly. Customize your heroes with unique skills and various builds to enhance your gameplay experience. Enjoy simple and exciting battles with easy controls in this hack-and-slash type game featuring a diverse range of characters.

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Game Features:

1、Auto-Battle Feature: The game offers an auto-battle mode where characters will automatically use their skills when players tap the screen. This feature allows for easy one-handed gameplay or gameplay during spare time, as heroes will fight automatically without the need for active input.

2、Extensive Character Customization: With a free training system and party build configurations, players can customize their heroes with skill-enhancing stones, experience heroic strength, and upgrade their characters to enhance their abilities and overall party strength.

3、Dungeon Exploration and Rewards: Venture into dungeons to battle powerful monsters, obtain superior power, and acquire valuable rewards. From the Gold Dungeon to the Awakening Dungeon, players can challenge various encounters, defeat bosses, and strengthen their heroes to progress in the game.

Game Gameplay:

1、Simple Yet Exciting Battles: Enjoy speedy, simple, and exciting battles with easy controls in DoTapQuest's hack-and-slash type gameplay. Choose from a variety of characters like illusionists, ninjas, chickens, and mad warriors to create your dream team and engage in thrilling battles.

2、Unique Hero Skills and Builds: Heroes in DoTapQuest come with unique skills, and players can explore various builds such as attack, critical, and attack speed types to customize their hero's abilities and create a distinctive fighting style.

3、Idle-Based Adventure RPG: Level up your heroes by defeating powerful monsters, summoning and strengthening heroes, organizing your party, and earning rewards effortlessly in this idle-based adventure RPG.


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DoTapQuest Mod Apk Unlimited Money 0.1

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