Alice In Wonderland apk download latest version  v1.0

Alice In Wonderland apk download latest version v1.0

v1.0 for Android
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Description of Alice In Wonderland apk download latest version v1.0

Alice In Wonderland is a Slot machine entertainment game with classic fairy tale elements. The game is set in a 5x3 scroll kit and features 10 different BET modes, providing a variety of ways to win. Players can also use wild substitute symbols to increase their chances of winning, while enjoying a unique stacking symbol function, making the game process more exciting.

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Game highlights:

1.The standard payment symbols in the game include classic characters such as Alice, Elves, and Crazy Hart, which inspire people's memories and love for fairy tales.
2. Exquisite game design and animation effects bring a visual feast, creating a vivid and magical gaming environment for players.
3. The purchase of reWard and gambling functions adds more fun and suspense to the game, allowing players to experience an exciting experience different from traditional slot machines.

Game features:

1. Each rotation randomly selects a symbol as a stacking symbol, increasing the chances of winning and the fun of the game.
2. Spreading reward symbols can also bring additional rewards, giving players a better chance of winning surprise prizes.
3. The Carefully designed gambling function provides players with the opportunity to double their bonuses, increasing the excitement and challenge of the game.


1. Players can activate the gambling function through the gear settings on the dashboard, and after winning, they can also choose to flip and double their prize money. They can gamble up to five times.
2. Players have the opportunity to trigger paid spins and payments every time they spin, and enjoy generous rewards.
3. By utilizing the function of replacing and stacking symbols in the wild, players can increase their chances of winning and experience a more exciting and intense gaming process.


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Alice In Wonderland apk download latest version v1.0

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