Banana Cat Run World Travel Mod Apk Download  0.0.2

Banana Cat Run World Travel Mod Apk Download 0.0.2

0.0.2 for Android
3.0 | 4+ Installs

Description of Banana Cat Run World Travel Mod Apk Download 0.0.2

BananaCatRun:WorldTravel is an exciting adventure game that combines "Hide and Seek" gameplay with the Banana Cat's global exploration. Players must help Banana Cat evade Shiba's pursuit, avoid obstacles and complete tasks in order to progress through the game's 600+ levels.

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Game Features:

1、Room decoration: Players can decorate their room and raise Banana Cats, who will earn coins which players can use to buy items and upgrade their game.

2、Maps: The game features 3+ maps of famous cities such as America, Japan, and France, with more cities to come.

3、Cute Skins: The game offers 50+ cute and awesome skin options for Banana Cat, including fruits, food, mummies, animals, ninjas, and more. Players can choose their favorite skin and use it to personalize their Banana Cat.

Game Gameplay:

1、Sound Effects: BananaCatRun:WorldTravel features funny sound effects of cat banana mixes, creating an amazing and realistic gaming experience.

2、Rewards: Players can receive various rewards such as super cute skin options for Banana Cat and Dog, coins, and other items as they run through the levels successfully.

3、Modes: In Normal gameplay mode, players can enjoy 600+ levels that are continuously updated with new and challenging levels. In Endless gameplay mode, players can run as far as possible and get a high score.


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Banana Cat Run World Travel Mod Apk Download 0.0.2

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